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Create Your Own Custom Set

Mix and Match to Your Heart's Desire, and Use a Coupon Code to Save Big *APPLY COUPON CODE AT THE CHECKOUT PAGE*

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Step 1: Add Your Bowls

Original Coconut Bowls (3 Sizes)

*The most popular choice among customers, the Original Coconut Bowls add a touch of the tropics to every dish!

Raw Coconut Bowls (3 Sizes)

*Smooth on the inside, sanded on the outside, the Raw Coconut Bowls let you feel the natural texture of real coconuts.

Art Coconut Bowls (15 Styles)

*With nature-inspired designs, the Art Coconut Bowls serve as the perfect canvases for your culinary creations.

Step 5: Don’t Forget Your Straws & Utensils!

Wooden Utensils (12 Styles)

*Make every bite of your meal like summer paradise. Take your pick from Coconut Wood, Bamboo, and Hybrid Coconut Utensils.

Bamboo Straws (2 Sizes) & Cleaning Brushes (2 Styles)

*Sip without waste with reusable, compostable Bamboo Straws. Keep them squeaky clean after each use with Cleaning Brushes!

Utensil Holder


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