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Over 1k 5-Star Reviews!
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Greening the Planet, Together

Rainforest Bowls is proud to be affiliated with organizations that dedicate themselves to the conservation and restoration of our environment. Our goal is to plant 1 million trees over the next few years through strategic partnerships with these groups.

1% For the Planet

Trees For the Future

One Tree Planted

How Our Tree Planting Campaign Works

  • 1 Coconut Tree yields 75 coconuts a year
  • Each coconut produces 1 bowl
  • 1 tree = 75 bowls = 75 trees planted per year
  • 1 bamboo, acacia, teak, or olive tree can become 250+ trees!
Tree Planting Campaign Works

Where We Are Now

  • Planted 100,000+ trees across Vietnam and South Africa
  • Funded agri programs for 500 farmer communities in Senegal
  • Contributed to 10 plant and tree species for global planting initiatives
We Are Now

Why Is Reforestation Important?

Committing to a sustainable product line and eco-conscious supply chain are just a few ways for our industry to make a positive impact on the environment. We wanted to take it a step further by having more tangible ways to address the global deforestation problem. Trees are essential to regulating the climate, protecting biodiversity, cleaning the air we breathe, and providing food, water, and medicine to humanity.

We take so much from the earth and it’s time we give back to Mother Nature.

Beyond Our First Million

Reaching our goal of planting 1 million trees is only the beginning.

We are gearing up to complement this project with more campaigns that will reach more people and expand our impact.

Coming soon:

· Reforestation in Vietnam
· 1 Trillion Trees
· More Charity and NGO Partners

Thanks for Joining the Sustainable Bowls Movement!

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