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Rainforest Bowls Blog

Each one of us can live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle as well as help save the environment in our own way. Check out our articles to learn more about how our products suit such a lifestyle, the best uses of these products, and more!

Product Spotlight

10 Creative Ways to Use Coconut Bowls

A coconut bowl is one of the most beautiful additions to your collection of decorative dishes. But did you know that there’s so much more that you can do with...
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How to Clean and Maintain Your Coconut Bowl

What’s great about having bowls made from coconut shells is that these natural materials are well-known for their durable properties. That means coconut bowls are tough, bump-resistant, and long-lasting. Another...
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Sustainable Living

All About Smoothie Bowls: Your Healthy Living Kitchen Staples (Updated 2020)

Whether you like a berry blast to start your day or a savory chunky monkey smoothie bowl for dessert, there's a smoothie bowl for everyone to enjoy! Smoothie bowls are...
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Environmental Organizations’ Call to Action: World Environment Day 2020 Roundup Post

From the oceans that make up 70% of the Earth’s surface to the air we breathe each second, everything we have, we owe to nature. We constantly forget this fact....
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7 Ways Our Coconut Bowls Can Help Save the Environment

There’s a reason why a lot of people today are starting to opt for eco-friendly products. As our world becomes more and more technologically advanced, it also produces more and...
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It’s the Last Straw for Plastic: So What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Straw to Use?

One of today’s biggest environmental concerns rests on the problem of plastic pollution. Since the Second World War, industries all over the world have been mass-manufacturing plastic products. Plastic has...
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Buying Guide

Fair Trade Products: Why Consumers Should Make Informed Choices (Updated 2020)

The phrase “Fair Trade” is thrown around too loosely. Most consumers assume that it’s a label slapped on to a box and you can call it a day. But there’s...
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How to Choose Tropical Souvenirs to Make Your Gift Shop Stand Out

A lazy day at the beach with waves lapping on the shore and palm leaves swaying to and fro—the tropics are indeed all about fun in the sun. With such...
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How to Choose the Best Bowls for Your Smoothie Restaurant

Smoothies served in glass are a thing of the past. Smoothie bowls, on the other hand, have been cooking up a storm and making their way into social media feeds....
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