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My mom loved it 😍, got it for her as Christmas gift

They seem like nice spoons

The Wooden spoons are nice

I don’t drink from straws , but they were free with my order

They seem sturdy

The regular size is fine so far, the larger ones seem to large to me, but I will use them when I run out of the others. Just don't let them soak in your drink

Jumbo coconut bowls purchased

The size of this jumbo bowl, is the size of a regular bowl in my I hope that helps🙂

Truely Beautiful

It is a stunning piece of art.


I bought four and each individual bowl is fine, but the lids are not interchangeable with the bowls. I expected a little bit more uniformity, but they are very nice.


I purchased this beautiful teak bowl for my SIL for Christmas. The best part of the gift? Part of every purchase goes back into planting trees. Beauty and conservation, a winning combination

Nice Gift

Thank you for the coconut bowl. It is a nice gift.


Looks great on my shelf.

Beautiful Platter

I was thrilled when I opened the package and I saw how beautiful the platter is.

Nice Bowls

Bought them for a Christmas present have not used them yet, however they appear to be very good and nicely made

Ramen bowls are terrific!

The ramen bowls were exactly as advertised and we use them every day. Very handy to have the place for the chop sticks. The wood seems to enhance the flavor of the ramen. Real value for the money.

Free Set of 4 Bamboo Straws - Variety Pack ($8.95 Value!)

Inspiring! Wow!

I'm so thrilled to have these bowls! Its light, its detailing I know wasn't easy to do because I've tried... I am so happy to have these as part of what we use on a daily! :) Thanks guys!!!

Plates with style

These are bigger then i thought they would be! Its so cool to see products made with this material, and my first!

These are great!!! Inspiring!

These bowls are light and unique and I am so happy with my purchase!! :)

Nice straws

I really like the straws. They are so easy to clean.

Excellent Product, beautifully crafted

A tremendous product, beautifully crafted. Strong and sturdy finish.

Love my bowls

I love my bowl I use them often. I received my package and one of the bowls was damaged. I was immediately sent a replacement. The customer service is wonderful also. I will be purchasing more items in the future.

Pretty artwork

I love the look of them & that they are natural & hand crafted. They are a little small for a salad, but great for portions of raw soups, or salsa mixes etc…

Love the idea

I love the idea of using what would have been wasted and creating a cool thing. You can only use them for cool temperature things, but they are beautiful.

WHOLESALE Hanging Punchout Coconut Planter

Free Straws?!?!?

How can you not love that!?!? The straws are a great addition to my smoothie experience with these bowls. Love them!

Best Bowls Ever!

I love these bowls! I'm so used to the customary smoothie experience using glasses, etc. These bowls add a wonderful experience to an old time favorite. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!