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Collection: Ebony Wood Utensils

Hand-carved from scrap ebony wood, our Ebony Wood Utensils exude a raw, classic beauty that cannot be found in regular utensils. Scoop up your smoothie with an Ebony Spoon or dig into your Buddha bowl with an Ebony Fork!

Add Style to Your Natural Gastronomic Experience!

Ebony Wood Utensils

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ebony wood utensils last?
As long as they’re properly cared for, ebony wood utensils can last for years of use!
How do I clean ebony wood utensils?
  • Rinse your utensils with room temperature water before using them for the first time
  • Wash them by hand with soap and water right after using them
  • Allow them to completely dry before storing them
  • Coat them with coconut oil or other food-safe oil once they become dry or dull
  • Don’t put in the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, or oven
  • Don’t soak these utensils in water for long periods
How are ebony wood utensils made?
After reclaiming offcuts of ebony wood, artisans cut the materials into the shapes of the utensils. Once these utensils are washed and dried, they are coated with all-natural coconut oil. Find out more about how wooden utensils are made.
Do you cut down trees in the process?
No trees were harmed in the making of these ebony wood utensils! They’re made from reclaimed wood offcuts. Plus, we plant a tree for every product we sell. Learn more about our eco-mission.
Are these ebony wood utensils treated with chemicals?
No. These ebony wood utensils are 100% natural and food-safe. No need to worry about chemicals leaching into your food!

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