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Over 1k 5-Star Reviews!
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From Tree, To Table, To Compost

Sustainable forestry is important to the economies in developing countries and has been threaded into the culture, homes, and livelihoods of various regions for centuries. We understand and condemn excessive logging and the malpractices that surround this activity around the world. As a business, we aim to be in a position where we minimize harm to the environment and contribute to the development of rural economies and livelihoods.

Coconut tree Coconut tree

So why trees? Trees are Mother Nature’s ultimate canvas. It holds the history of the world, provides food and shelter to wildlife, regulates the earth’s temperature, and gives us air to breathe. It’s a finite resource with high global demand, and is also one of the best compostable materials with a number of uses. When done right, wood products go from tree, to home, to compost—a full, Earth-friendly cycle that doesn’t diminish the value of trees but enhances it.

As governments, cooperatives, and farmer communities continue to work together to protect and preserve native forests, we know that our best role is to work closely with artisans whose livelihoods and cultures are connected to this industry. We are far from perfect but we are committed to our partners and we are serious about our eco mission. We are continuously learning, growing, and seeking more equitable solutions. There’s a lot more to do to make forestry safer and more sustainable. Until then, we will continue to hold ourselves accountable and practice social responsibility in all our processes.

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