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We Aim to Create a Greener Planet

At Rainforest Bowls, we strive to promote sustainable living by offering eco-friendly products and turning discarded coconut shells and wood offcuts into bowls and utensils. On top of that, we aim to help bring back the forests that humankind has tragically been destroying.

For every 10 bowls we sell, we plant a tree via OneTreePlanted. And for every product we sell, we plant a tree via Trees.Org!

For Every 10 Bowls We Sell, We Will Plant a Tree via For Every 10 Bowls We Sell, We Will Plant a Tree via

What We Can Make From a Single Coconut Tree

A single coconut tree can yield an average of 75 coconuts annually. Since every discarded coconut shell can produce 2 bowls, we can have 150 coconut bowls made per tree per year. That means one coconut tree (that we don't even have to cut down) can produce enough bowls for us to replant 15 new trees per year!

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Rainforest Bowls’ Goals

Recently, we have donated to OneTreePlanted to have 900 trees planted in Vietnam and to Trees.Org to have 10,000 trees planted in Africa. But we’re not stopping there! We came up with 3 goals we hope to meet in the coming year:

1. Work on Reforestation in Vietnam

Previously, as coconut prices had gone down in Vietnam, local farmers decided to chop down coconut trees and replace them with more profitable ones. While the country’s economy has now shifted its focus to the coconut industry, there’s still much to be done. Because of this, we plan to help replant forests that have been chopped down in Vietnam.


2. Journey to 1 Million Trees

We would love to make a huge positive impact on the environment. To do that, we donate to environmental charities to plant 1 tree for every product we sell. Our target is to plant 1 million trees or even more in the next few years or so, but we cannot do this without your help.


3. Donate to More Charities

In addition to donating to One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future, we continue to look for more environmental charities to support. We strive to help like-minded organizations and further their cause of creating a more livable planet.

For Every 10 Bowls We Sell, We Will Plant a Tree via For Every 10 Bowls We Sell, We Will Plant a Tree via

Let’s Make The World Better, Together.

Real change doesn’t happen overnight. However, if all of us start working toward change, our efforts can yield significant benefits for the environment. While we’re striving to help the planet in our own way, our goals cannot be fulfilled without your help.

Every bowl you purchase will not only support the livelihood of local farmers and artisans in Vietnam, but it will also help restore the forests. Head over to our store and take your pick from our eco-friendly products!

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