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Collection: Bamboo Kitchenware

  • Made from fast-growing bamboo trees
  • We only cut and use what we need without uprooting whole bamboo plants
  • Highly sustainabl, biodegradable at the end of the kitchenware's life
Bamboo Kitchenware

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes bamboo kitchenware eco-friendly?
Bamboo comes from the grass family and grows like grass, making it an incredibly renewable material. Plus, it is as sturdy as wood. That means you can use these Bamboo Crafts for life! When you need to throw them away, you won’t have to worry about them ending up in landfills for hundreds of years like metal or plastic. Because they’re made of natural bamboo, these products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Not to mention, they’re pretty stylish too.
How do I care for these bamboo products?
  • Rinse your bamboo tableware with room temperature water before using them for the first time
  • Wash them by hand with soap and water to clean
  • Allow them to completely dry before storing them
  • Coat them with coconut oil or other food-safe oil once they become dry or dull
  • Don't expose to extreme heat (e.g. hot drinks, hot food, or hot water)
  • Don't put in the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, or oven
  • Don't soak your bowl in water for long periods
How long do bamboo crafts last?
Since these products are made of bamboo, they can last for a lifetime—as long as they’re properly cared for.
Is your bamboo tableware safe for holding food or drinks?
Yes! Our bamboo bowls, plates, utensils, and drinkware are protected with food-grade coating, which prevents hot or cold meals or drinks from soaking their wooden material.
How do I compost bamboo straws and utensils?
Simply cut them into pieces and throw them into your compost bin. If you don’t have a compost bin, you can just toss the bamboo pieces into your garden soil and let the bugs break them down for you.
Do you offer wholesale bamboo kitchenware?
Yes! We offer wholesale bamboo kitchenware at huge discounts. Call us at 805-452-0659 or email us at to get your free quote.

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