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10 Creative Ways to Use Coconut Bowls (Updated 2021)

10 Creative Ways to Use Coconut Bowls (Updated 2021)


A coconut bowl is one of the most beautiful additions to your collection of decorative dishes. But did you know that there’s so much more that you can do with this tropical piece of art?  

Here are 10 ways you can use and enjoy your coconut bowls:

Out of the Kitchen

Normally, the word ‘bowl’ is associated with the kitchen. But there are many uses for our coconut bowls outside the heart of the home.

Decorative Pieces of Home Décor

How do you turn your house into a home? By making it your own! A great way to anchor your space is to add earthy elements to your home. The deep brown tones and organic shape of our coconut bowls are excellent centerpieces to display on your mantle. 

You can stack up different sizes of the coconut bowls to create a tower-like decor for your living room. For an even more tropical vibe, you can let it sit next to your indoor plants. Another thing you can do is to turn them into potpourri holders for a lovely addition to your powder rooms to freshen them up. 

If you're into things that are a little more vibrant, you have the option of painting your bowls. A beautiful sunflower yellow or relaxing teal will bring some life into your house—not to mention that it's a great conversation piece for guests to talk about when you have them over. Or, you can take it up a notch and bedazzle your shells! It can double as a DIY activity for bored kids at home. 

Get creative; the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding ways to use our rainforest coconut bowls as home decor.

Check out our collection of coconut bowls here:

All-natural Coconut Bowls

Terrarium Base for Your Plant Babies

Most terrariums are constructed with glass jars as their base, particularly for plants that require high moisture content in their soil. But, you can work your way around it by choosing low-maintenance plants like succulents that thrive in gravel, making them ideal for planting in coconut bowls. 

To give you more of that terrarium feel, you can always top your coconut bowl with a glass dome that fits right on top. Just be sure to allow your terrarium to breathe every couple of days to ensure that moisture doesn't build up inside the glass.

Coconut Bowl Planter | Rainforest Bowls

Leave the glass tops out of the equation and leave it plain and simple. Coconut bowl pots are all the rage right now, particularly among the vegan community. The more organic something looks and feels, the better. A coconut planter can be used both in and outdoors, although we would suggest that you purchase the original coconut bowls because the varnish will protect your bowls from gravel or water damage. 

For the most part, maintaining a coconut bowl planter or terrarium is much easier than keeping your plants in glass because you have the option to create your own drainage system. Drill a couple of holes into the bottom of the shells or poke some through with a hammer and nails.

But why go through the fuss of making a planter out of your coconut bowl when you can easily buy a coconut planter from us?

Burning the Midnight Oil

Long before we had the luxury of lights, our forefathers burnt the midnight oil to make it through the dark. Of course, you don't need to do that anymore, but it's nice to have ambient lighting to set the mood. How nice would it be to have a romantic candlelit dinner? And why not add an interesting tropical touch to it by using a coconut bowl as your candle holder?

You've heard of coconut-scented candles, but how about a coconut shell bowl candle? Aside from the fact that a scented candle inside a coconut bowl looks absolutely beautiful, it's also easier to handle than candles that melt into a glass container. 

However, coconut bowls are flammable, especially if they're polished with oil. These decorative candles should only be used during dinner time to set the mood. Don't let them sit out for too longblow them out immediately. 

Coconut Bowl Candle | Rainforest Bowls

To stabilize your bowl, put it on a bowl stand if you have one at your disposal. If you don't, you can always choose the option of gluing the bowl to any flat surface.

After use, peel the leftover wax out of the container. You don't even have to worry about it leaving any residue or skid marks. 

Some people aren't into paraffin because it can be invasive or irritating if you're sensitive to strong scents, so what you can do is to create a floating candle. Fill the coconut bowl halfway through with water and halfway with oil, stick a wick in it, and light it up. 

A natural alternative to the scented candles is to drop a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the liquid to diffuse the scent subtly.

Party Favors and Gift Baskets

Your party will be the talk of the town with these coconut bowl party favors. Whether you're throwing a beach-themed fifth birthday party or a luau to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, your guests will surely enjoy this unique giveaway. You can fill the coconut bowls with your favorite healthy treats and tie them up with ribbons as a thank-you-for-being-here-tonight token, similar to a Halloween bucket but better. 

For a more mature and exciting party, put two shells together, so they look like fresh coconuts. Sneak your favorite tiny bottles of liquor and best snapshots of the night for your guests to remember your party by.

Take it up a notch with a build-a-bowl party favor. Lay your party favors out on a table and allow your guests to create their own goody bags. That way, everyone gets what they want, and you don't have to worry about that part of the after-party clean up. This favor is both low-maintenance and impressive.

On the flip side, if you're not throwing the party, you can always bring the coconut bowls as a gift for your dearest friends. Spread the coco-love and get your friends a set of bowls. We guarantee you that they'll be dying to open your present and decorate their kitchens with them.

Chic Dresser Organizers

Let's take it to the bedroom (or any room really). Ladies, what is it that we all have in common? That's right, lipstick and bobby pins found in the most obscene places. That's why acrylic beauty racks are all the rage right now. 

But you can be original and have coconut bowl organizers sitting on your vanity. The whole "less is more" philosophy doesn't apply here because the more bowls you have, the more organized your life will be. 

Line your drawers with coconut bowls and treat them like miniature baskets. Use these shells to manage your jewelry, safety pins, makeup, coins, or anything you want. And if you're feeling the Rainforest bowls vibe, you can use them to organize small pieces of clothing in your closet, like socks and gloves. 

You can get real crafty by keeping your DIY beauty and personal care products in your bowls. Take some loose setting powder and a puff and voila! Your very own tropical compact to touch up your nose. Or keep some coconut oil and cotton balls in the bowl for an easy double cleanse at the end of the day. 

Just a tip: stack the coconut bowls to save some space if your drawers lack some real estate.

In the Heart of the Home

And of course, coconut bowls serve their purpose in the kitchen and not just for sticky mango rice. There’s a whole lot that you can do with our Rainforest Bowls. 

Serving Bowls for Your Favorite Dishes

One pro of eating from coconut serving bowls is that you're compelled to eat healthier. The bowls give off a fresh vibe that radiates into your food choices. And it makes your salad bowls way more exciting. 

Part of what makes food so enticing to eat is how they're plated; food is an all sensory experience, so eat with your eyes. Think poke bowl meets garden freshness. 

Our Rainforest Bowls can be used on all occasions, whether it's a casual lunch with your family or you're throwing a reunion dinner party for your friends. Our coconut bowls are versatile; they come in different textures, finishes, and designs. 

Our Two-Toned Punchout Coconut Bowl is particularly show-stopping and will have all your party guests asking you where you ordered them. 

Get this Art Coconut Bowl here:

These bowls are particularly useful during children's parties because they're not easily breakable, and you don't have to worry about anyone hurting themselves. It's finger food galore for the tots. Children aren’t the most careful with dishware and cutlery, so make your parties foolproof and work your way around the system.


Mixing, Measuring Cups, and Meal Prep Bowls

Every good home cook knows to measure out their ingredients before anything hits the pan. Doing so adds a layer of professionalism to your cooking skill and makes the process a lot less stressful. 

Have you ever noticed that every cooking show you watched features pre-measured ingredients arranged neatly in different sized bowls? Do the same at home except with our coconut bowls.

As we've mentioned earlier, our coconut bowls come in different sizes. If you don't have any measuring cups on hand, you can approximate ingredients with the different sizes of coconut bowls. You can also turn the shells into mixing bowls like when you're whisking together your best breakfast omelet or whipping up some tasty vegan bowls

If you'd like, you can even use your coconut bowls as meal prep or dry food containers. But beware, these bowls don’t bode well with hot food. They shouldn’t be subjected to extreme temperatures, so resist the urge to put them in the fridge or in the oven.  

Also, keep in mind that while coconut bowls are water-resistant, they shouldn't be submerged for too long.

Read this article on how to clean your coconut bowl:

Exotic Spice Rack 

Spice up your barbeque parties by creating an exotic spice rack with our coconut bowls. Place different types of dry rubs in the bowls and allow your guests to season their choice of grilled goods. 

Now is the perfect time to make use of your DIY skills! Order our bowls along with everything you need to make an exotic spice rack and get to it. Keep your most-used spices next to your stove like peppercorns, cumin, flaky sea salt, and basil. This easy to reach rack will ensure flavor in all your dishes. A pinch here and there packs a big punch of flavor. 

Popsicle Party 

On hot days, the bigger the popsicle, the better. With summer coming up you need to start stocking your fridge with cold treats to cool down your summers. 

Serve your favorite popsicles in our coconut bowls. Whip out different types of chopped tropical fruits to pair with your icy treats. Just be sure not to freeze our bowls as they crack under extreme temperatures.

Shaved ice is also an option for keeping your cool. Crush your popsicles until you reach your desired texture, stick a spoon in there and scoop it out. Think of it as a fun slushy bowl for days you don’t feel like biting into a big ol’ popsicle.

If You Like Piña Coladas

And getting caught in the rain! Following through with the summer theme, you can use these bowls to make and serve everyone’s favorite cocktail, the Piña Colada. But the truth is that you can use our bowls to serve any cocktail. Who said they can’t be used as cups? Certainly not us. 

For an even more summery touch, pair your summer cocktails with our reusable bamboo straws. Cop our bamboo straws here:

All-natural Bamboo Straws

Normally, Piña Coladas are served in pineapples but there’s no rule that says that can’t be served in coconut bowls. Don’t forget to garnish with some maraschino cherries.

For the record, our coconut bowls aren’t limited to serving cocktails. You can put anything cold inside them. Ever heard of Dalgona Coffee? Bet you’ve never had it served inside a coconut shell, have you? Or go the simple route and have some water with ice. Nothing beats the classics.

There are way more than 10 uses for our Rainforest Coconut Bowls. Just get creative! Let’s bet that you can even double it.

Keep looking for ways to use them. Paint with them, hang them as wall décor, attach them to wind chimes and so much more. Or maybe use your coconut bowls the good ol' way: making smoothie bowls.

Order your own set of Rainforest Bowls now!


Author Profile

Trish Suarez is a contributing author to Rainforest Bowls. As someone from the tropics she thrives on the sun, sea, and coconut filled beaches. Her favorite poolside refreshment is açaí berry smoothie served in a beautifully crafted coconut bowl.

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