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Collection: Utensil Holders

Whether you're traveling with utensils or in need of perfect storage for your wooden utensils, look no further than our Utensil Holders. Natural and biodegradable, these holders match your eco-friendly lifestyle!

Utensil Holders

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these utensil holders made of?
The small and large pouches are made of jute, while the travel case is crafted from pieces of bamboo offcuts. We also offer a utensil holder hand-carved from coconut wood.
How are these utensil holders eco-friendly?
These utensil holders are made of sustainable materials, like ecologically-sound coconut wood, fast-growing bamboo, and eco-friendly jute. And because they’re made of natural materials, they’re biodegradable too, which means they won’t stay in landfills for hundreds of years like plastic or metal.
How long can these utensil holders last?
With proper care and cleaning, these utensil holders can last for a lifetime!
How do I clean these wooden utensil holders?
  • Wash them by hand with soap and water
  • Allow them to completely dry before storing them
  • Don't put the Bamboo Travel Case and Coconut Wood Utensil Holder in the dishwasher
  • Don't put the Jute Pouches in the washing machine
  • Don't soak in water for long periods
How many utensils can fit in the utensil holders?
  • Small Jute Pouch - 1 utensil/1 pair of chopsticks
  • Large Jute Pouch - 2 to 3 pairs of utensils
  • Bamboo Travel Case - Around 10 utensils
  • Coconut Wood Utensil Holder - Around 18 utensils

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