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Collection: Jumbo Coconut Bowls

There’s a new way of entertaining your friends or family when they come over to your place, and it’s serving your homemade meals or desserts in the Jumbo Coconut Bowls. Handcrafted from huge coconut shells, they can hold up to 24 ounces of any of your special recipes. With their 3-inch depth and 6- to 7-inch diameter, these bowls go to show that coconuts are truly giant nuts!

If you prefer a bowl that’s smooth inside and out, choose the Original Jumbo Coconut Bowl. If you’d like a bowl that seems freshly picked from a coconut tree, get the Rough Jumbo Coconut Bowl. Whichever Jumbo Coconut Bowl you pick, it’ll surely spark the interest of any guest who comes over for brunch or dinner.

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