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Collection: Coconut Birdhouses

  • Made from natural coconut shells saved from landfills
  • Organic and non-toxic for animals
  • Billions of coconut shells are burned as waste every year, repurposing them helps lessen organic waste
Coconut Birdhouses

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these birdhouses made of?
These birdhouses are crafted from discarded coconut shells. The rope hangers and ladders, meanwhile, are made of jute.
Are these birdhouses safe for birds and small pets?
Yes! Since everything that makes up these birdhouses is 100% natural, they are entirely safe as homes for birds and other animals.
Where should I hang my coconut birdhouse?
A standalone pole is the best place to hang your coconut birdhouse since it’ll be hard for squirrels, cats, and other predators to climb. A tree trunk is another option, but you have to consider that it’s easy for predators to climb.
How long do these birdhouses last?
These coconut birdhouses can last for a lifetime—as long as you clean them properly from time to time.
How do I keep my coconut birdhouse clean?
  • 1. First, you have to make sure that the nesting brood will no longer return to their nest.
  • 2. Remove the old nest with your gloves.
  • 3. Scrape out any gunk or dirt.
  • 4. Scrub the birdhouse with soap and water.
  • 5. Rinse it well.
  • 6. Wipe off the excess water with a clean cloth.
Do you offer wholesale coconut birdhouses?
Yes! We offer wholesale coconut birdhouses at huge discounts. Call us at 805-452-0659 or email us at to get your free quote.

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