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Over 1k 5-Star Reviews!
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Why You Should Get Wholesale Bamboo Straws

Rainforest Bowls is proud to be one of the few low waste, fully sustainable creators of bulk bamboo straws and eco friendly products in the world. We partner with Vietnamese farms and workshops to produce eco-friendly straws and sustainable products made from natural materials.

There's no need to harm the environment with single-use plastic straws when you can have eco-friendly Bamboo Drinking Straws. They can be used multiple times, and when they need to be discarded, they’ll just disintegrate as compost and return to the earth. So save big while saving the environment by getting Wholesale Bamboo Straws, which are:

  • • Reusable, disposable, biodegradable, and compostable
  • • Made in Vietnam from a Sustainable Source
  • • Available at low bulk prices and 30-day money-back guarantee


Call us at 805-452-0659 or email us at sales@rainforestbowls.com to get a custom quote.

Bamboo Straws Versus Other Straws

Bamboo StrawBamboo Straws Plastic StrawPlastic Straws Glass StrawGlass Straws Paper StrawPaper Straws
100% Natural and Free of Artificial Materials True False False False
Sustainable and Eco-friendly True False False False
Disposable, Biodegradable, and Compostable True False False False
Durable and Reusable True False False False
Cost-Effective True False False False

Preferred by Eco-Conscious Restaurants, Cafes, Schools, and Business Cafeterias

More and more eco-minded restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are making the switch to our eco-friendly bamboo straws—available in regular (0.2-0.4” wide) and boba (1” wide) sizes. Apart from offering sustainable products, we use recycled paper packaging as an alternative to single-use bubble wrap. We have also partnered with Trees.Org to have 1 tree planted for every product we sell.

Call us at (805) 452-0659 or send us an email at sales@rainforestbowls.com to get the best wholesale prices on bamboo straws!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are bamboo straws made?

From bamboo stalks, we only get the parts that we need to make our straws. Then, local craftspeople let these stalks dry under the sun and cut, file, and sand them. After that, these straws are thoroughly washed and dried under the sun for days, which naturally disinfects them and gives them that golden sun-kissed look.

How do I clean bamboo straws?

We recommend rinsing the straws under the tap after every use, cleaning them inside with a straw cleaning brush, and letting them air dry. If you prefer, you can also shake them in a jar filled with warm soapy water. Every month, you can soak the straws in boiling water with vinegar for a few minutes.

Cleaning bamboo straws in dishwashers is fine, but it will affect their quality and lifespan.

Are bamboo straws reusable?

Yes! Bamboo is as durable as timber. That means these straws can be used over and over for years as long as they’re properly cared for.

How long do bamboo straws last?

With proper care and cleaning, bamboo straws can last for many years! If it's time to throw them away, you can cut them into pieces and toss them into your compost bin. They’ll go right back to the earth as organic compost.

Partner With Us and Help Us Create a More Livable World

Rainforest Bowls strives to help create a better Earth by seeking out sustainable sources to create each of our products. With each purchase, you’re helping support the livelihoods of rural farmers and promote the talents of master artisans in different parts of the world.

We also donate over 1% of our annual revenue to tree-planting charities as part of our commitment to 1% for the Planet. From sourcing materials to packaging orders, we ensure that we do everything with the environment in mind.

Through the support of customers like you, beneficiary farmers of our partner organization Trees For the Future enjoy bigger yields, year-long harvests, and healthier diets for their families and communities.

Work with us and be a part of our mission to help restore rainforests around the globe and contribute to the development of the communities that make Rainforest Bowls possible.

Call us at 805-452-0659 or email us at sales@rainforestbowls.com for a free quote.

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