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Over 1k 5-Star Reviews!
Free US Continental Shipping on Orders $100+

Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Rainforest Bowls Ambassador Program, you affirm that you fully understand and accept the terms and conditions below.

This agreement begins when Rainforest Bowls confirms your membership through email and ends when you or the company terminates the program. Ambassadors may terminate their membership only AFTER they have fulfilled their obligations as written in their approved Ambassador Package.

I. Application & Ambassador Packages

Rainforest Bowls, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to approve or reject Ambassador Program applications. We carefully screen every applicant and may accept, deny, or suggest a Package change through email within one (1) to two (2) business days.

Rainforest Bowls may create adjustments to the current Ambassador Packages at any time. Likewise, we keep track of the Ambassadors’ performance and could create customized offers to incentivize high-performing members. We may also suspend or terminate an existing membership if the Ambassador is found to be violating any of the terms herein.

II. Advertising

Your participation is solely to legally advertise our brand and products on approved platforms that you own, including, but not limited to, your personal or business website, YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook account, TikTok, and Pinterest. 

Ambassadors who are eligible to receive free products are expected to fulfill their minimum obligations as enumerated in their Package information within 30 days of receiving their chosen items. If promoting through video content is part of the agreement, the video should highlight Rainforest Bowls for the most part instead of just quickly mentioning the brand or our products in an unrelated video.

As an Ambassador, you agree that:

  • You will promote sustainability and our reforestation mission.
  • You will promote Rainforest Bowls without making disparaging comments about the brand as well as competing brands.
  • You will not promote or become an affiliate of competing brands. Doing so will lead to account termination.
  • You will not make false or misleading claims.
  • You will not promote your ambassador code or link on any coupon/discounts/rewards site or with the use of paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads marketing. If you are found doing so, your account will be terminated without compensation.
  • You will not promote your coupon code on Rainforest Bowls’s website and social media channels or on any other ambassador’s account.
  • You will not post any piece of content that violates someone’s intellectual property or promotes any form of discrimination, violence, or illegal activity.
  • You give Rainforest Bowls permission to repost/share any content you create that mentions our brand or features our products.

Rainforest Bowls support all Ambassadors by providing them with free, high-definition materials, such as the company logo, banners, and social media ambassador graphics. These materials are copyright-free, and Ambassadors may use them in any way as long as it does not violate any of our Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions.

Ambassadors may also communicate their concerns or inquiries to the Community Management team by emailing community@rainforestbowls.com

III. Commissions

Rainforest Bowls uses Goaffpro to track ambassador codes, qualifying sales, and commissions. Ambassadors may customize their unique codes but are not allowed to modify how much discount their code provides. 

Rainforest Bowls reserves the right to customize Commission offers in order to incentivize high-potential or high-performing Ambassadors. Ambassadors may request a payout once per month, provided that their revenue is $100 or higher. Ambassador accounts with less than $100 revenue will have their balance roll over to the following month/s until the minimum $100 revenue is reached.

Rainforest Bowls sends payouts through PayPal. If we find out that an account gained revenue from a non-qualified purchase, we reserve the right to chargeback. We also chargeback for canceled orders, return orders, and other forms of unsuccessful transactions.

IV. Liability

Rainforest Bowls will not be liable for any losses or damages that may be associated with this Ambassador Program.

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