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Collection: Straw Cleaning Brush

Keep your reusable straws spick and span with a Straw Cleaning Brush! Designed to thoroughly clean the insides of straws, sippy cups, and more. Comes with a long, sturdy steel handle and Coconut Fiber or Nylon bristles.

Save the Earth With One Clean Straw at a Time!

Straw Cleaning Brush

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the straw cleaning brush used for?
Our straw cleaning brushes are made to give bamboo, metal, or other reusable straws some thorough cleaning. They can even clean sippy cups, toddler straw cups, pipes, funnels, and more. Keep in mind that the Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaning Brush cannot fit in straws smaller than boba straws.
How long is the straw cleaning brush?
Our straw cleaning brushes are 9-inch (23 cm) long, so you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas of your straws!
What are these straw cleaning brushes made of?
These straw cleaning brushes come with sturdy handles made of stainless steel and bristles that are either made of eco-friendly coconut fiber or long-lasting nylon.
How do I use a straw cleaning brush?
After using your reusable straw, use the straw cleaning brush to clean it inside and give your straw a quick rinse. It’s that easy!
How are these straw cleaning brushes eco-friendly?
Straw cleaning brushes eliminate the need to toss out straws as they keep them spotlessly clean and long-lasting. That means they prevent straws from ending up in landfills while making them safe for use!

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