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Fine Artisanship.
Timeless Homewares.

Rainforest Bowls is a premium kitchenware brand that designs and creates products that are good for People and Planet. Our wooden bowls, plates, utensils, drinkware, and home accessories are designed, sourced, and sold through a sustainable process that preserves, protects, and restores Earth’s natural resources.


Why We Work with Wood

We support legal and regulated harvesting of trees to produce our products and foster socioeconomic growth in the regions where we source raw materials. We work closely with organizations and communities on the ground and comply with local and international laws for the sale and trading of raw wood and wooden products.

Click the images below to learn about our different wood collections

Teak Wood

Instead of allowing fallen teak wood to rot as waste, talented artisans from East and Central Java cut the pieces from mature trees and turn them into various homeware goods. Carrying a coarse grain, rich colors, and a durable quality, teak wood is a preferred resource in creating bowls, serveware, utensils, and other kitchenware items.

Teak Wood

Coconut Shell

Each year, billions of coconut shells are burned as waste. But thanks to the local master artisans in Bến Tre, “Coconut Capital” of Vietnam, these coconut shells find new life at Rainforest Bowls: coconut bowls, planters, birdhouses, utensils, and soap dishes.

Coconut Shell

Coconut Wood

After coconut trees fulfill their purpose and stop bearing fruits, they are cut down and replaced with new saplings. Rather than letting them end up in landfills, Bến Tre crafters use their fallen trunks to create coconut wood plates, bowls, utensils, and cups.

Coconut Wood

Acacia Wood

Acacia is one of the fastest-growing trees out there. It thrives in the tropical climate of Vietnam, grows in any soil, and rarely needs pesticides and fertilizers. Known for its wavy grain and rich earthy tones, acacia makes for the perfect material for Vietnamese artisans to craft beautiful bowls, plates, utensils, and cups.

Acacia Wood

Bamboo Wood

Considered the fastest-growing plant in the world, bamboo only takes 1 to 5 years to reach full maturity. It grows as fast as grass yet is as sturdy as hardwood, making it one of the most sustainable resources today. Artisans in Vietnam only cut the parts that they need to craft straws, utensils, plates, bowls, and cups, allowing the bamboo to continue growing.

Bamboo Wood

Olive Wood

Sourced from sustainable farms in Sfax, Tunisia’s largest olive tree producing area, our olive wood kitchenware exudes the warm rustic elegance of the Mediterranean. The Tunisian government identifies the olive trees that no longer bear fruit, which are then cut down and collected by artisans to craft into bowls, plates, utensils, cups, and other timeless pieces for the kitchen.

Olive Wood

Our Earth and Community Focused Process

We understand the impacts of business operations and supply chain management to the Earth’s natural resources. Rainforest Bowls prioritizes and implements strategies that support earth conservation activities, community development, and sustainable product consumption.


We conceptualize innovative kitchenware and garden decor made of all-natural materials.


We source and partner with small, family-run, rural artisans who have mastered working with the material.


We place a sizable production order that generates multiple local jobs.


We hand wrap the items in eco-friendly packaging that details where our products come from and how they are made


We stand by our products & commit the best quality in every purchase—30-day money back guarantee.


We plant 1 tree for every product sold. We have successfully planted 100,000 trees and aim to do more.

Honoring the Age-Old Tradition of Woodcrafters

We partner with local family-run businesses from all over the world and ensure that their values and commitment to sustainability align with ours. Passed down from generation to generation, the timeless woodworking traditions of various cultures make our curated line of homeware goods one of its kind.

We help restore forests around the world.
For every product you purchase, we plant 1 tree.

site moto

As part of our pledge to 1% for the Planet, we donate over 1% of our annual revenue to two tree-planting partners: Trees for the Future and One Tree Planted.

We planted 100,000 trees
in Africa and Vietnam
Our goal is to plant
1 Million Trees

Real Customer reviews

I am IN LOVE with these bowls

They fit perfectly in my macrame plant holders and I have air plants and little succulents in them. The perfect addition to my newly remodeled, gorgeous home!!

- Jenny B.

This company is fantastic

What you do for the rain forest is very inspirational. Also these cups are beautifully made with the different designs. They are on my gifts to order list...thank you for this function able gorgeous product.

- Michelle S.

Wooden Bowls

I love these and so do my adult children. Very nice feel and very sturdy and beautiful to look at. I use frequently for meals that need a bowl such as cut up fruit.

- Suzan H.

Lovely Birdhouse

This birdhouse is absolutely adorable!! Looks so cute hanging in my backyard. Can’t wait for some sweet bird to make it it’s home!!

- Ann

Natural, Sustainable, & Sturdy

The plant hanger is made exactly as stated on the website: from a coconut. I loved everything about it from the packaging to the product. I’ll definitely be buying again and again.

- Kristyn

Cute and Fun

Saw these promoted on a YouTube channel and thought I'd give them a whirl. It's a much better option than plastic bowls. LOVE THEM! Super cute and FUN! And always great to use what God has given us!

- SJ

Exceptional Quality

These two bowls are the perfect size for holding a bowl full of fruit or bringing delicious food to the table for everyone to share. I love the beauty of the wood and the ease in storage and cleaning.

- Suzan N.

Such awesomeness

I have four bowls, utensils and straw. I feel like I’m helping the earth by eating from these. I love them so much I just bought some for my step daughters birthday.

- Elizabeth W.

These bowls are perfect!

We fill these with healthy breakfast pitaya fruit, or yogurt and granola and they just look amazing. Feels like a tropical vacation when we're eating out of these adorable bowls with our wooden spoons! So fun!

- Ann C.


Just when RFB couldn’t get any better, they now have plates and other kitchenware! These plates are my new dish to serve when I have family over. They’ll well-made and look beautiful displaying any food!

- Tony B.

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